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Eating Sitting Down”…

Eating Sitting Down is a very unique, sometimes off beat, and always thought provoking compilation of poetry that is bound to become a classic in its own right.

Shawn Michael Morris has broken all the rules, even writing a few new ones of his own, and has come up a winner with this unorthodoxed yet very effective look at life through the eyes and subsequent words of experience itself. This book has come to fruition from the encouragement, support , and gentle nudging of friends and family alike. Learning to let inspiration, whether given or taken, be the motivating factor behind this book has has been a very progressive and humbling lesson. Through this endeavour, the author has become more skilled at letting the individuality of each poem take its own form. Realizing that this has as much to do with the individuality of each reader has been very eye opening. Shawn’s hope is that in one way or another everyone takes away something positive from this book..

This collection of poems will touch the heart, the mind, the known and the unknown while representing in part, the becoming of us all. . Thought provoking and fresh it is rarity unto itself.

Partial proceeds from the sale of Eating Sitting Down will go to a charity in Nicaragua called Nica Hope (NICAHOPE.ORG), check them out on line, I really hope, with your help, to make a difference for this wonderful cause.


A second book of poetry titled Erecting Stop Signsis currently taking shape. Having grown immensely since his first attempt with Eating Sitting Down, Shawn has become more refined in life and it is apparent in his prose. “Through personal requisitions I have acquired what I deem as being a necessary patience attached to an unintended maturity.  My hope is that this progression in life is translated in my new collection of poems.”

Similar to Eating Sitting Down, Erecting Stop Signs continues to reflect Shawn’s interactive and inquisitive journey. Through his unique perspectives this on-deck collection of poetry is sure to impress.