Shawn Morris is a photographer and artist from Nelson, British Columbia.

He is inspired by nature, open spaces, unhurried existences, and vibrancies that sometimes exist just beyond the human eye. Shawn feels fortunate to come from a place that still represents such beauty and feeling in its landscapes and its people.

“I seek refuge in the aesthetics of the natural world. I love adventure that takes me far beyond the fringes of any warn path. I long to be in the mountains with my friends transforming moments through the lens. I have found much purpose in creativity.

Shawn has a diploma in Commercial Professional Photography from Western Academy of Photography, a Bachelors Degree in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University, and is currently working on a Graduate degree in Disaster and Emergency Management, also through Royal Roads.

“I am fascinated by photography and its processes. I am proud to have evolved from a photographer who makes art to an artist who also loves to make photographs. Taking time to really see into the world helps me to connect more whole heartedly to life. I hope my photographs represent this connection while initiating feelings that coincide with a deeper interaction.”

“I appreciate photography as a form of storytelling and communication. I love images that stand on their own and also enjoy pairing photographs that may better tell a story in combination with each other. This can be seen in the diptychs I have created that I hope you will find, as I do, further enhance the art form of photographic storytelling.”

“Photography allows what I see in my minds eye to take shape. It gives me the ability to capture a moment that then becomes isolated from any sequence in time. Having the ability to make a photograph that stands alone, while telling its own story, for me, is a very compelling and extraordinary process. I think photographs can act as a conversation piece between the viewer and the photograph and have the power to bring to life many different transformative emotions.”

“People tend to want to know things by defining them. If my photographs invoke sensations with a viewer, then perhaps in the uniqueness of that individual connection, one can see beyond definition. The process can lend to very personal moments that at the same time can be openly shared. It is a profound experience when tangible forms facilitate the flight of memories and imagination. For me, the feeling of fulfillment through the entire photographic process is solidified when other people, especially friends, have a positive response to my pictures.”

I am published in magazines around the globe as a writer and photographer including:

Kootenay and Coast Mountain Culture,  Thrasher, Bike, Expose, Hobo, Explore, SBC Skier, Skateboarder, Color, Pedal, Launch, Australian Snowboarder, XTreme Bikes, Vice, The Comment, PowerEdge, Revolution, LATER

I provide and array of international clients with high impact, unique, creative and individual solutions.

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